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1. Sign Up

Be a family of Merohealthcare by clicking “LOGIN” at the right corner of the homepage.

You can also sign it with your Facebook and Google Account.

2. Verify your Email

After you sign up you will receive an auto generated email on your registered email id. Open the email and click the link “verify your email id”

3. Shop

Once the link is verified you will be auto redirected to the homepage and logged in with your account. Now you can start shopping and add items to your cart.

4. Checkout

After you have finished loading items on your cart, please click CHECKOUT” located at the top right screen of the page.

5. Use coupon code “MERO”

After you click “CHECKOUT” you will be directed to the order detail page that shows your total listed items, right next to it is an order summary section on it there is a drop down named “coupon code”, click it and type “MERO” on the blank field and press “Apply Coupon” you will see your bill auto deducted by additional 5%. Fill in the further details as shown in the later page and proceed checkout.

HAPPY SHOPPING and welcome to the MERO family.

What are you getting on signing up with MEROHEALTHCARE?

1. Firstly, you will be a member of MERO family.

2. Personal dashboard where you can track your purchase history and store your medical prescription.

3. Add to “Favorites” for quick and easy shopping.

4. Simple and fast checkouts process.

5. Write your health questions to our in-house doctors for FREE.

6. Advanced email alerts notifying upcoming promotional deals.

7. Discount coupons rewards on different promotional campaigns.

Our upcoming projects for MERO family member only.

Family: Family is a smart digital database that will allow our MERO family member to store all type of medical file online. The program is being designed in a simple database structure which further allows the member to store the medical files of their family too. All listed family member will have separate designated section to store their individual medical files so that the management and retrieval process of these files will be easy.

The family program also lets members to share and retrieve their saved medical files with Merohealtcare mobile application.

Mero member can also assign to services like medicine reminder, medicine refills that can be assign to any or all member on listed on his/her family list.

Loyalty point programs: The program is designed to reward and thank all our MERO member for their continuous support and trust in us. The loyalty point programs allows the MERO member to earn certain MERO points on their every purchase. The member can redeem their collected MERO points in their future transaction to receive the award benefited with the loyalty points.

Our other upcoming projects

Online medical consultation: The program allows clients to take doctor consultation online. This program will have a pool of doctors from different specialty. The clients can book appointments, do live consultation, send medical reports, schedule later appointments online to any doctor from the pool. MERO member’s medical database will be interlinked in this program allowing MERO members to share their and their family medical files to any medical sessions with simple clicks.



Free Delivery On purchase over NPR 500 (inside Kathmandu Valley only)
Npr 150-Npr 300 delivery charge will be added for delivery outside valley. Outside valley delivery charge price are subjected by delivery place and purchase quantity.
Inclusive Of VAT Prices are inclusive of VAT for product marked by symbol * on the product name.
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